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Almost record-breaking fatal crashes in Colorado Springs

Published On: Feb 10 2013 07:50:40 PM CST

In the last year, Colorado Springs saw an almost record-breaking number of fatal crashes, according to a Colorado Springs Police Department report.

Thirty-one people died in the 28 traffic accidents that took place in the city in 2012. It's an increase of 29 percent from 2011, and an increase of 32.5 percent compared to the average of the past five years.

2012 saw the second highest rate of fatalities in the last 16 years.

Sgt. Mark Devorss from the CSPD said it's hard to tell what to expect on any given year. But recently, he said the department has seen unhealthy driving activity like texting, talking on the phone and eating while driving. So he hopes drivers are mindful of their own as well as others' driving.

"Not only are they watching their own driving, but the actions of everyone else on the road," he said. "If they can respond to someone who makes a traffic mistake, then sometimes an accident can be avoided."

And pedestrians also need to be on the lookout. According to the police report, there were 11 deadly pedestrian-involved crashes, which killed eight people, in 2012. In seven of them, the pedestrian was responsible.

Sgt. Devorss suggests pedestrians use the appropriate crosswalks and wear clothing that makes them visible.

"Cars expect to see pedestrians at crosswalks and at the traffic lights, and that's where they look." he said. "When they're crossing in the middle of the road, or if you're wearing dark clothing, sometimes driver don't anticipate that and don't see the pedestrian."

He said he has also seen a lot of rear-end collisions and crashes in which a car is turning left on an intersection with oncoming traffic. He said police will be targeting things like speeding and reckless driving.