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Medical marijuana users want to fly with their supply

Published On: Jan 09 2014 02:19:17 PM CST

Medical Marijuana Can't Fly


A new rule banning medical and recreational pot begins Friday at the Colorado Springs Airport.

Until now medical marijuana had never specifically been banned from the facility, according to the Colorado Springs Airport.

Some medical marijuana users are asking for an exception from the airport: letting them board like any other passenger with a written prescription.   

"For work I need to travel sometimes to Ohio. While I'm there it’s a problem because I can't sleep very well. My work performance suffers, I can't focus as well. My manager will say, ‘what's wrong with you Robert? You seem like you're out of it today’ and I'll say, oh I'm just having a hard time sleeping this week. It absolutely affects my job performance and my life,” said Robert Nasuti, a medical marijuana patient.

He moved to Colorado three years ago so he could take his medicine legally.

"They said the reason I was having trouble sleeping was because of PTSD. I had a not very good  child hood. I had an alcoholic mother. At night is when things would happen. That's when things would go wrong. I’ve tried several different pills, Ambien, Xanax, none of them would help me sleep," explains Robert.

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states but patients still can't fly with it.

"I do think it's kind of humorous that they serve alcohol on an airplane, but you can't travel with your medicine," says Robert.

Robert wants his medical marijuana card to be treated the same as a written prescription.

"Just let me take my medicine please. It's frustrating because if the prescription drug helps you, you can bring it with you and you can continue to live your normal life. But for me, my prescription drug is marijuana and I can’t travel with that. And the prescriptions don't work for me, because I would gladly substitute in if I could. But it doesn't work for me, so there's nothing I can do expect just get through it."

If you're caught with marijuana at the Colorado Springs Airport, you could end up paying up to $2,500 and spend up to about six months in jail, even if you have your medical marijuana card.